AI Design Training for a Construction Company

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Example of turning a sketch into a render
ProblemA construction and building materials company wanted to unlock the value of AI to speed up design processes during sales cycles. They had a sales team with designers reporting into that organization, and often needed to create renders, sketches, edits, and pr... Read More

Logistics SaaS App Integrations with Auth0 + Stripe

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Our client is a 3PL and warehousing business. They had developed an automation tool for streamlining workflows within their warehouse, and were seeking to scale their tool into a SaaS app that they could onboard partners onto.This involved adding in authentication, multi-tenancy, file mana... Read More

OnFleet Integrations Fix for Reverse Logistics Company

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Our client was a delivery and reverse-logistics company in the fashion industry. They had integrations with OnFleet, a last-mile delivery provider, to send and track deliveries for their clients.When a previous CTO had left, their integrations with OnFleet broke, causing their orders to no... Read More

LangChain + Pinecone + NextJS Integration

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Our client is a workforce analytics consultant who compiled a folder with past research, notes, PDF’s, statistics, and URL’s on workforce data. The client needed to generate reports for their clients, but was manually CMD+F through the folder for relevant results an... Read More

ChatGPT + Google Drive + Integration

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OpenAI + Google Drive + Bubble Integration
We built our client a custom ChatGPT bot that they could train to answer questions based on files in a Google Drive folder. That way the client could add files to the folder and automatically update the bot's knowledge base in the future. We promised the clie... Read More