AI Design Training for a Construction Company

Example of turning a sketch into a render


A construction and building materials company wanted to unlock the value of AI to speed up design processes during sales cycles. They had a sales team with designers reporting into that organization, and often needed to create renders, sketches, edits, and prototypes of buildings for clients.

Their existing process was manual and time-consuming. It often took weeks to get through a single iteration of their building designs. They often faced challenges with contractors and design availability, which slowed down the feedback loop with their clients.

They reached out to All-In Consulting for training and guidance on how to use AI tools to accelerate their sales and design cycles, close deals faster, and provide more certainty to their clients on what the final product would look like.


We audited their existing design processes by looking at their past customer requirements and edits that was often asked of them.

We discovered that their design process started from 3 different states: from a completely blank slate, from sketches, and from already rendered images.

From there, we mapped out what tools they should use for which types of edits, and when they shouldn't use AI tools as well.

We documented how they would service past customer requests using AI, and gave them a list of prompts that should use to increase the quality of their rendered images.

We followed this up with a report and a live training session with their team.


The client's team was extremely satisfied and excited about integrating AI into their workflows. Certain edits that used to take a few weeks could suddenly be completed in a few hours. Inspiration and prototyping that took days, now took minutes.

They commented that they believed that this AI training provides a serious competitive advantage and a real differentiator compared to other companies in their space who are not leveraging AI for their design processes.